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MJ Plumbing and Siphoning Service

PESO 150.00

MJ Plumbing and Siphoning Service

8/4/2020 2:56:35 AM
MJ Siphoning & Plumbing Services Landline: (02) 517-8472 Smart: 09302700011 Globe: 09555774032 Services That We Offer: GENERAL SERVICES *Siphoning of the septic tank (per truckload) *Garbage removal inside septic vaults * Declogging/clearing of pipelines *Draining and installing outlet/inlet pipes *Locating open septic vault *STP SIPHONING SERVICES *Cleaning septic vault or septic tank *Installation / construction of new septic vault *Garbage removal and cleaning inside septic vault *Cleaning of cistern tank or water tank *Water waste draining for flooded areas, swimming pool, etc *Locate, open and repair septic vault *Preventive maintenance for fast food chains, canteen, etc *Siphoning of septic sludge from septic vault *Grease tank cleaning for STP’s DECLOGGING/PLUMBING SERVICES *Declogging pipelines *Clearing up clogged pipelines and drainage system *Repiping of damage pipelines *Installation of outlet/inlet pipes/all plumbing repair
MJ Plumbing and Siphoning Service

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